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State of the Art Communication

Paperless Charts:

Our office has had computerized charts since 2012. This allows for easy communication with patients and other doctors. Additionally, we have online new patient forms available to the patient prior to their first visit. Please see the “First Visit tab” for access to these forms.

Educational videos:

Through our orthodontic software, we have a library of over 500 videos to aide in our patient care. We utilize these during our consultation visit with the patient or parent to help visualize the appliances that will be placed. Additionally, whenever a patient has any type of new appliance placed in his or her mouth, we are able to give instructions on home care with the aid of educational videos on our iPad.

Text/Email Reminders:

Patients have the option to receive text or email reminders instead of a traditional phone call to confirm appointments. We know our patients have busy schedules, and opt to make communication as easy as possible for you!

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